Doctor on Demand:

For Elderly persons with difficulty in mobility and people with acute or chronic health disorders going to hospital for every medical condition is traumatising. Taking time off from busy schedule to go to hospital for even a minor aliment is quite difficult. In such situations having a qualified doctor visiting home to take care and give advice will make significant difference to the convenience and add value. Family physician visiting home can help in you in taking care of.

General health check-up

  1. Giving medical Advice by going through the previous medical records and examining the present condition.
  2. Helping in Case management by advising on Diet, Diagnostics and Drugs
  3. First aid for non-emergency medical conditions – fever, cold & cough, pains etc
  4. Advice on the further management and cross referrals to Specialists & Super
    specialist doctors for optimizing the processes
  5. Coordinating with CURANS to assist in collateral services like Appointments,
    Ambulance and Medication etc.


  1. It eliminates the huge effort and inconvenience associated with Hospital visits
  2. Delivers a consistent, high quality service at home
  3. Establishes more intimate doctor-patient relationship resulting in better understanding of the condition and helping to get the best advice
  4. Cutting on Waiting times/ Costs/ Inconvenience
  5. Comprehensive Case management