Bed Side Assistants(BSAs) / Home Health Aides (HHAs) :

All of our home health aides are Certified Bed Side Assistants (BSA) or Home Health
Aides (HHAs) and provide home care & personal care to our clients.

BSAs/HHAs provide the following services :

  1. Providing routine personal care such as bathing, toileting, dressing and feeding
  2. Ambulation assistance
  3. Bed making
  4. Assisting/reminding clients to take medications
  5. Supporting Exercising and recreational activities
  6. Providing companionship by reading, listening and conversing
  7. Accompanying clients to doctor’s appointments
  8. Providing emotional support for a sense of well-being
  9. Implementing and supporting the best plan of care for the client


CURANS provide best in class services for all your medical needs.
CURANS takes the quality of services seriously and hire only those who are trained under National Skill Development Council.

Every one of our client’s needs are unique and CURANS understand that well. All our
services are customized for each client to address their needs
CURANS makes sure that the continuity of care is maintained through replacements in
case of leave/absence of existing BSAs