Bed side assistance

Having a trained personal assistant at home improves quality of life of the
person and family. CURANS specialises in providing them based on your requirements.


Qualified and experienced Nurse at home will make a huge difference in to
patient care. Contact CURANS for your home nursing needs.


After an illness or surgery, people often lose their mobility which affects their recovery or quality of life. Physiotherapy plays an important role in the process of recovery. CURANS offers Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation services at your home.

Doctor on demand

Doctor visiting home when required is such a great convenience
particularly for elderly and chronic patients. Reach out to CURANS if you need one.

Ambulance on request

Safe and comfortable mobility is possible only with suitable Ambulances. Book your Ambulance at CURANS as required.

Medical Equipment at home

During the recovery from a medical condition or living with a chronic condition role of medical equipment to make it more safer and convenient is enormous. CURANS can facilitate in arranging them for you.

Care manager

A dedicated single point contact Care manager will be a great help in
handling all your health care-related issues.


Preventive Diagnostics ( Lab Tests )

Going through periodic health checks is the key to maintain good health. Getting these lab tests at home is easy now with CURANS.


Personalized diet advice by a qualified Dietician is the crucial component of wellness and health care. CURANS nutritionist will help you get the right advice.